License terms for comercial or editorial use: 
- Reproduce unlimited copies of the photography in product packaging, printed marketing materials, digital documents, or software. Expires in 1 year.
- Include the photography in email marketing, mobile advertising, or all kind of publicity. Expires in 1 year.
- Include the photography in a broadcast program, tv shows or movies. Never expires.
- Post the photography to a website with no limitation on viewers. Never expires.
- Include the photography in products in a minor way, such as in a textbook. Never expires.
- Attribution is always required and must have this format (© Antonio Pessoa - Afoto).
- Fine art prints are NOT allowed and must have delivered direct from autor.
If you need:
 - Exclusive use for some image.
- Lifetime license.
- Comercial use without attribution.
Or just ask for a quote, contact the author:
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